How do I create an account in Ride Fleet?

To use the Ride Fleet app, simply click on the “Sign Up” button, provide your email, password and payment method. In the field “promotion code” insert the name of the city you want to register in starting with the capital letter. (example: London)


Why do I need to insert a promotion code?

That information is required to create an account in our service - at the same time it provides you with a discount or credits granted by the operator for your first ride!

How do I start the ride?

After activating your account via link sent to your email, locate the nearest vehicle on the map. Once you are close to it, slide to unlock and begin the ride. 


How much will I be charged?

You can find an overview of the pricing when you click on a particular vehicle. You can also see the details under “my reservations” and check the price for all your previous trips.


How and when can I stop the ride?

Check the map to see the zones where you can finish the ride. Once you are inside one, ensure that your phone has internet connection and click on the “End ride” button. In case of any issue, contact the team in your city with an email at the top of the page. 

Do I need an internet connection for using Ride Fleet?

The internet connection is required to register, unlock the vehicle and finish the ride. You don’t need the internet during your ride.